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Vanishing Point

The year is 2110. Mankind has colonized the Solar System. Captain Leonardo Valentine has mysteriously disappeared. Join P.I. Vincent Winters as he seeks to uncover the truth of the Captain’s disappearance. Was it insurrection? Foul play? Was the ship caught in the crossfire of battle? You’ll be at the forefront of this thrilling investigation, whenever you listen to Vanishing Point.

Dusk Never Falls

Moriah Dusk would do anything to protect her small lake town of Sedgewick, including keep the strange weirdo who wandered into town occupied while she deals with fae, sirens, trolls and aliens. But could this stranger who is suddenly bringing all this chaos into her life actually be part of a plot larger than Moriah had originally thought? You’ll just have to listen carefully to find out, darling!

Hero's Log

Due to the Freedom of Information Act these tapes have been recently made public. They are the documents of a young woman named Hero, and her partner Barnaby and their exploits as monster hunters for Magical Extermation, a subset of DCCDMC. These tapes have only recently been declassified and are now subject to public review. As these tapes were critical in several ongoing investigations until recently. “Hero’s Log” as the recorder of the tapes calls it, includes 10 tapes that are currently declassified. It is unclear if the other tapes will be subject to public review.

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