Who We Are

Aggie Radio is Utah State’s student radio station operated entirely by university students. Our station provides student-volunteers with a hands-on experience in the audio, event, and entertainment industries. Aggie Radio is a free format station, meaning that our student DJs select the genre and content for their shows. Partnering with Utah Public Radio, Aggie Radio broadcasts on FM Radio [KBLU-LP – Logan 92.3 FM Aggie Radio].

Station Manager – Sierra Benson

Sierra is a senior majoring in communication studies with minors in leadership & management and Spanish. Her hopes are to help Aggie Radio members grow while also innovating the station, helping both reach their potential. Her dream job is anything in the realms of artist management, A&R, or marketing in the music industry.

For general inquiries about the station or information about getting involved, email her at aggieradio@usu.edu

Programming Director – Darcy Ritchie

Darcy is a sophomore studying journalism, as she wants to tell stories and highlight people for their accomplishments. Her involvement in Aggie Radio stems from her love for the expression and connection music provides. She believes the speciality DJ shows are what make the station so unique and she works to support that community.

For questions regarding scheduling on the station or studio time, email her at programming.hd3fusion@aggiemail.usu.edu

If you’re interested in being a DJ, please fill out this form.

Music Director – Brynn Griffiths

Brynn is a junior studying chemistry with hopes of working in the makeup and skincare industry. During her first year as a transfer student she volunteered at Big Agg Show and the rest is history. Her love for music is what influences her work, shaping our sound and helping connect others.

For questions about the format of the station or to submit your band’s music for consideration, email her at


Events Director – Sydney Ho

Sydney is a senior studying journalism and minoring in marketing. Her goal for the future is to eventually own a music venue, but for now she’s helping students experience live music here in the valley.

For questions about Aggie Radio events or to submit your band for booking consideration, email her at KBLUevents@aggies.usu.edu

Promotions Director – Rhiannon Fritschle

Rhiannon is an English student, studying with an emphasis in technical communication and rhetoric. This degree combines her passions for writing and marketing. She loves all art forms and wants to help creative people connect as well as showcase their work to wider audiences.

For questions about getting promotions on air – whether it’s for your show, event, or company – email her at promo.ar@usu.edu

Technical Director – Jared Worth

Jared is a senior studying business management with an emphasis in human resource development. As an Aggie Radio DJ and a drummer in several bands, he is passionate about creating music and supporting the music scene in Cache Valley. He plans to pursue a career in the music industry, from the business side of things.

For questions about gear/tech setups or renting out equipment, email him at …

Podcast Director- Jonah Hansen

Jonah is a senior studying economics with minors in finance and journalism. Using his own experiences, as the creator of the podcast “Future POTUS” and as former assistant to the Station Manager, he plans to help others create content and express themselves

For questions regarding or relating to podcasts, including using our podcast studio and getting podcast training, email him at podcasts@aggies.usu.edu

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