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After spending a summer binging on podcasts during a long drive from North Dakota to Utah, I knew I found a new hobby. I learned new things about Slavic fairytales, sound engineering, polling errors, and the science of sourdough. I found less compelling pods on mental health. Free Association was born. On Free Association, I talk with experts in the mental health field to answer questions like: “How can music be a source of healing?” “Why is pursuing happiness so finicky?” “What is so scary about vulnerability?” or “Is pornography addictive?” We focus on defining the problem, understanding its scope, and offering some food for thought.


Kayte LaBore, MA, Predoctoral Intern at USU CAPS

Hello there! I am Kayte LaBore. I am working as a counselor at USU’s CAPS for the final year of my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. For the last five years, I focused on college student mental heath completing the bulk of my clinical training at counseling centers. College is a transformative period of life, and I love the opportunity to help students flourish. Beyond my interest in college student mental health, I love research. My research experiences include projects on gratitude, sexuality, sexual assault, sexual aggression, American Indian behavioral health, and public health. When I am not running data or seeing clients, I enjoy cooking, hiking, and petting my doggo.

EPISODE FOUR: Start By Believing: A Discussion of Sexual Assault

On this episode, I chat with Felicia Gallegos from SAAVI, the Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information Office. We talk about sexual assault and how to better support survivors, highlighting the Start by Believing Campaign. Please note that we will be talking about sexual assault, nothing graphic, but still important to think about in terms of your own personal comfort.

If you want to pledge, you can pledge on campus on Wednesday, April 4, from 8:00-2:30pm. Pledge booths are located at the Library and at the TSC.


Start by Believing:
SAAVI (Confidential Services and Reporting):
CAPS (Confidential Services and Reporting):
Title XI (Official Reporting):

Article Reviewed:

Frese, B., Moya, M., & Megías, J. L. (2004). Social perception of rape: How rape myth acceptance modulates the influence of situational factors. Journal of interpersonal violence, 19(2), 143-161.

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EPISODE THREE: Vulnerability

So often when students talk about vulnerability with me in therapy, I hear the phrase, “I don’t want to be a burden.” On this episode, I talk with Jonathan Huston, a counselor at CAPS about how our language and culture contribute to the belief that being vulnerable means being a burden and how to get past barriers to vulnerability. Students share why they think vulnerability is difficult and I review a study discussing Shame Resilience Theory.

Study Reviewed:

Brown, B. (2006). Shame resilience theory: A grounded theory study on women and shame. Families in society: The journal of contemporary social services, 87(1), 43-52.
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EPISODE TWO: Happiness

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During this episode, I tackle Happiness with Dr. Clint Norseth, a staff psychologist at CAPS. We talk about theory and research about happiness, and what happens when you get too wrapped up in “being happy.” I review some studies on happiness and our careers, and students talk about barriers to happiness.


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EPISODE ONE: Mental Music

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Free Association is a mental health podcast made for USU students. Our flagship episode features an interview with psychologist, Dr. Dave Bush. We discuss how to utilize music as a source of healing. Dr. LaBore, our resident MD, discusses two studies on how music impacts physical healing, and students share their experiences with music.

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