Today is national pastry day.

The U.S. government is on the verge of a shutdown. Again. The government shuts down on saturday if the senate doesn’t put more money in the piggy bank. Nothing like a little bipartisan holiday cheer. (TheSkimm.)

Trump taps Andrew Puzder, CEO of the Carl’s Jr. Fast-food franchise, to be secretary of labor; Cathy Mcmorris Rodgers for Interior Secretary; and former baseball player Bobby Valentine to be Ambassador to Japan.

Senate minority leader Harry Reid is retiring.

Karl Rove is fact-checking Trump’s figures about what Frump calls “$4 billion” Boeing contract. Rove says the contract is actually around $170 million dollars.

Yesterday, the first American to orbit Earth, John Glenn, died at age 95. Glenn’s historic flight happened back in the early 60s, at a time when space travel was still a shiny new thing.

Wanna fight mate? That’s one one man asked a kangaroo during a hunting trip to save his dog in Australia! Basically, the kangaroo had no idea what just happened when he was decked in the face.

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