Aggie Radio had the chance to sit down with EJ Michaels, lead singer of Foreign Figures, to talk about the band, their music and their headlining of Big Agg show.


Can you tell us the beginnings of Foreign Figures and how you all met?

Jonny T, Seth, Steve and I all formed a band when we were attending UVU back in 2014. Steve and I are brothers, and we met Seth and Jonny through mutual friends. We started rehearsing and writing music in a basement of a house in Provo I was living in at the time. It was fun just making music with no plan or reasons other than the love for it. When we had enough songs we really liked we took them into Jonny T’s tiny room at Ventana apartments and recorded our first EP Come Alive together. Our strong passion to make music and share it with the world still unifies and drives us today.

How has the band transformed since you first started playing music together?

This is my favorite question I have ever been asked in an interview. I guess because that’s the point of it all right? To get better as a musician, writer and human being overall. We have gone from 4 guys who had no idea what they’re doing to 4 guys that have a little better idea of what they’re doing. We honestly have figured out our creative process and how to use our differences to make more unique and innovative music. We still are the same guys since day one, but a stronger more confident version of ourselves. Our music has evolved into a pure alternative collaboration of 4 very different artists. And we prefer it that way. To make music that we could never make on our own. 

How has being from Orem, UT given you an advantage or disadvantage in the industry?

The advantage here is that there is a large local scene of music lovers. It doesn’t hurt that two major universities sit right in our area. Plus the college demographic tends to like our music so it’s pretty great being here. The disadvantages would probably only be that there are little to no music industry people here. But we are doing this thing independent.  So we’ll keep building from what lies within our control. 

In “non-music words” how would you describe your sound?

If I’m talking about our current sound and what we are about to release I would say these four words.





What advice do you have for people looking to form their own bands?

My best advice would be to find people who have similar goals and values to you and when you find that awesome connection always nurture team chemistry. 

This isn’t your first time at USU, you’ve played Aggie Radio’s Logan City Limits and USUSA’s End of Year Bash. How is playing a college campus different from a community venue?

In my opinion it’s way more electrifying playing to a large college crowd. Everyone is at a point in life where they are figuring out a lot and that brings a special energy to the concert that usually isn’t always there. As if we are all in it together.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yes! We are releasing our next single in September that we are super proud of. Get ready for it. 


You can catch Foreign Figures and other local artists at Aggie Radio 92.3 KBLU-LP’s Big Agg Show August 29 on the USU Quad. For more information on the show, you can visit the Aggie Radio website or find Aggie Radio 92.3 KBLU-LP on Facebook.

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