Within a year of forming, Provo band Rally has not only been working their way through the music venues slightly south of Salt Lake but they’ve also released their debut single, “Cherry.”

The track is a fun, feel good kind of song that comes to us at the close of one season, with hope for whats to come in the next. It is a sweet and simple kind of profession of love, with bright guitar, a hi hat part to help you keep rhythm and a bouncy chorus. 

The song eventually melts into a bridge of, not gang vocals per say but, some sort of recitation, the bandmates reaffirming “oh quiet lover, I’m yours and you’re mine.” 

Rally is Alec Whitaker (guitar, vocals), Chandler Sobisky (lead guitar), Duncan McKay (bass, backing vocals), Sean Rostrom (drums, backing vocals).

For more on Rally, they can be found on Facebook and Instagram @rallytheband.

— lydia.velazq@gmail.com

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