The death toll of a fire at the warehouse-turned-arts-space, the “Ghost Ship,” has reached 36, and will most likely continue to rise as investigators continue their search of the area in Oakland California.

On Friday, President-elect Donald Trump chatted with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen. Which is crazy because because no US president has taken a phone call from Taiwan’s prez in almost 40 years.

Donald Trump is considering Ben Carson to head up Housing and Urban Development and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman for Secretary of State.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is officially a no-go near Standing Rock in North Dakota. The US Army Corps of Engineers said the Dakota Access Pipeline can’t be built near the reservation. It’s looking into “alternative routes.” This all comes a little more than a month before President-elect Donald Trump moves into the White House…. and he’s a big supporter of the pipeline… so it may not be the last you hear of this.

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