Nerd Lecture Hour #4: Eat it, Warner Bros.

Ali and Dane return after a short hiatus for more Suicide Squad/DC/Warner Bros-bashing. I swear, we didn’t plan on this, it just keeps happening. Other topics include Pokemon Sun and Moon, Marvel’s Inhumans, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Ghost in the Shell, and more! Actually, that might be it. All music in this episode was […]


Aggie Morning Word Podcast: Electoral college debate

USU Dems, USU Republicans, and USU Libertarians debate the electoral college. The word of the day is “BELLICOSE,” which means inclined to fighting. The weather for today: The low is 20 degrees and it’s expected to get up to 42 degrees. Speaking of weather… Climate change. The North Pole is 36 degrees warmer than normal […]